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Nutritional Cooking

 Dietitian Nutritionist

Dietitian nutritionists use nutrition and food science to help people improve their health. Nutrition and dietetic technicians work with dietitian nutritionists to provide care and consultation to patients. Both dietitian nutritionists and nutrition and dietetic technicians may also provide general nutrition education.


Tatiana -

Nutritionist / Dietitian (Columbia)


I am a Nutritionist-Dietitian from Colombia and my goal in life is to help people in their journey to be healthy and happy. Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics - National University of Columbia, Cert Massage Therapy, Cert IV Fitness (Australia). 

Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. They provide guidance about how to appropriately manage diets and nutrition for people who may be affected by health conditions such as diabetes, overweight and obesity, cancer, heart disease, renal disease, gastro-intestinal diseases and food allergies.


A dietitian can help people maintain their health and reduce their risk of developing chronic disease.

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