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Infrared Sauna Session




  • 45 Minute session is $50


We will provide

  • Body Towel

  • Body Sarong

  • Steam hand towels for body wipe down

Relaxation Area

  • Before your session or after your session wind down and relax on our Leather Recliners, start your healing journey

  • This seating area is too Relax, maybe enjoy a Reflexology Swedish Foot Massage 


Infrared Sauna

Individual or couples private sessions in our Wellness Sauna.


The infrared panels are specifically designed to emit energy at the same wavelength as that emitted by the human body.

Infrared sauna technology is non-invasive. In fact, sunlight contains about 2% infrared, which is the ‘good stuff’ our body needs.


We all want to enjoy happy and healthy life, and Infrared Saunas can help you achieve those goals.


The benefits of an infrared sauna can have a significant, positive impact on a person’s health and well-being. 

As an added benefit Infrared Saunas operate at substantially lower temperatures than conventional steam/hot rock saunas, permitting extended and more comfortable sauna sessions.


Our body readily absorbs far infrared or healthy light (energy) to a depth of 45 mm creating a deep, penetrating heat that relaxes, soothes and loosens sore joints and muscles.


Conventional steam saunas heat the air to extreme levels yet only penetrate our body      5 – 10 mm.

When you visit us we will require you to:

  • Complete medical history form

  • To be informed of Contraindications

  • Understand how your medications and how safe using the sauna is for you

  • Check with your Medical GP before, if you have Heart Conditions, High Blood Pressure or other health issues, it is important to seek advice & clearance from your medial GP doctor or Medical Specialist

  • Ideal for Work Injury and Transport Injury Clients

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